Trust and Verify

Electronic assets, at the end of their useful lives, can quickly become liabilities. When you decide to dispose of obsolete IT assets, there is a serious risk they will end up in the wrong places and in the wrong hands.

Every day, discarded electronics are mined for personal and business data by cyber criminals, exported to polluting operations in developing countries, dumped in inappropriate landfills, or stockpiled and abandoned. These outcomes can have devastating and costly impacts, placing your company, its resources, and brand reputation at grave risk.

EarthEye™ allows corporations, governments, and institutions of all kinds to see precisely where their e-waste are at any time around the world.

Due diligence is vital in the world of IT disposition. Already BAN’s GPS trackers have proven to be a game changer in making the entire industry behave more responsibly. EarthEye will become an indispensable tool for anybody possessing IT assets.
— Johnson Choo, Senior Manager, Regulatory and Environment, LG Electronics

Using EarthEye as part of your recycling protocol ensures your recycling contracts are fulfilled properly and your shipments are safely, legally, and professionally managed.

BAN’s tracking, to date, has repeatedly proven to be well ahead of the curve and a genuine game changer in the ITAD industry. With EarthEye we will be able to show our customers, the industry and the world that we are always leaders in terms of innovation, responsibility and transparency — and that we are once again on the cutting edge of downstream due diligence.
— Aaron Blum Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, ERI

Supporting a Clean Environment

Not only does EarthEye serve your corporate or government mission, but it serves the planet as well.  All profits from EarthEye services go directly to the US 501(c) 3 charitable organization Basel Action Network in support of their environmental protection mission.