A Comprehensive, Integrated System

  • EarthEye™ subscribers choose the number of trackers to be deployed over a year and the installation and deployment option best suited to their business needs.

  • EarthEye’s trained technicians, working in secured locations, install, program and activate the tracking units.

  • Every EarthEye installation and deployment is filmed to establish a chain-of-custody.  Records are archived in a secure third-party server.

  • Every 24 hours EarthEye tracking units send precise GPS location data directly to a secure, third-party server.

  • A customized EarthEye user interface allows subscribers to access their data at any time on computers or mobiles.  

  • EarthEye's safe, non-Lithium-ion batteries provide at least 3 years of active tracking in the field in any country around the world.

  • EarthEye's subscribers receive an annual report showing all tracked activity, expertly assessed for compliance.

EarthEye is designed to be flexible and customizable to meet specific corporate needs. For example, tracking units can be made available to organizations with the resources to install and program units with their own technicians. In such cases, in-house technicians will be trained by EarthEye to ensure methods are consistent and optimized for best results.

Protecting your Privacy

Every EarthEye contract includes a strict non-disclosure agreement ensuring all proprietary data is secure and private.  Your tracking data will only be used to publish an annual, high-level, anonymous report showing aggregate statistics on exporting and importing countries and the types of electronic equipment involved. This data benefits the entire industry.  

BAN’s tracking work has helped countries all over the Asia-Pacific region
learn of the very real threats of waste trade, enhancing intelligence led enforcement opportunities and solutions.
— Andy Raine, Regional Coordinator for Environmental Law and Governance, Office for Asia and Pacific, UN Environment

Be Safe. Be Sure.

You could put your head in the sand and hope for the best. You could hire more compliance personnel and pay salaries and expenses to conduct inspections and audits. Or, you might first try a new, and more inexpensive way to globally monitor your e-waste disposition.

Don’t take chances with your company’s data or reputation. Know precisely where your e-waste is, at all time.

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We have already seen with BAN’s previous work, surprising destinations for corporate e-waste as it passes from broker to broker and from country to country, often ending up in locations that manage the resources and toxic materials found in e-waste with heavy risk to health and the environment. For this reason we support this new effort for transparency.
— Stefan-Georg Fuchs, Executive Director, Aurubis AG